We are a coalition of New Yorkers who care about our City’s future, the strength of our local economy and the preservation of our home values. Because of this, we oppose the state’s New Tax on Homeowners.

This proposed tax will not only have a detrimental effect on every homeowner across the five boroughs, but it will exacerbate an already reeling economy from COVID-19. Now more than ever, we need a stable economy that puts homeowners first. 

The New Tax on Homeowners will drive down property values for middle- and upper-middle-class homeowners and create a costly burden for these homeowners all while putting thousands of jobs at risk.   

Together, we are calling on our lawmakers to stand with us and OPPOSE THE NEW TAX ON HOMEOWNERS. 

For Media Inquiries Contact: Media@NYCHomeowners.org

Or by phone at: 212.929.0669

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